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We welcome you to LA Global Music , the home of the extensive song library of LA, a prolific indivdual and inspirational Lyricist..

LA's songs and demo recordings are songs Inspired by LA's life and his lifes experiences They are an expression of his life his loves and his emotions, they capture his deep and inner feelings.

Undoubtedly, the signing of John Rowles, a singer- song writer who has sold millions of records, including three number one hits in the UK and a number four in the US, is a major step in the right direction.

The first scheduled release will be that of John Rowles, widely known as the ‘Voice of a Legend’ with two of his three number one hits of the 70s “If Only I Had Time” and “Hush Not A Word To Mary” included as remixes. The album will contain twelve new tracks all written by the company’s principal LA.

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